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‘Pothi’ missing from Trahi Achyuta ashram


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Sep 1:

The all important Pothi (manuscript) based on which Surendra Mishra alias Sura Baba built his empire of fortune is nowhere to be found after the mob ransacked his Ashram in Odisha capital on Sunday night.

trahi achyuta ashram
Trahi Achyuta ashram

Whether Sura Baba himself hid it to safety or the mob took it away is yet to be known. The cops deployed around his Ashram don’t have any information about the manuscript either.

The Baba rose to fame after he highlighted about the 500 year old manuscript named ‘Padmakalpa Malika’ in his possession and told his followers that the Pothi can predict the future.

The Odisha State Museum had planned to seize the manuscript under the Antiquity Act and keep it in the Museum after the escapades of Sura Baba became public.

While the cops scanned through his Ashram and managed to seize many things along with two guns and five rounds of bullets, the Pothi was nowhere to be found.

“As per the law, the state government needs to seize it and let it be researched. Sura Baba has earned crores from this manuscript. He has made a fool of many and has played with the modesty of many women using this manuscript. The government has to seize it,” demanded Dalit Leader Jayant Bhoi.