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‘Porus’ promo response overwhelming: Satyarth Nayak


Bhubaneswar: Touted as the most expensive Indian television show with outstanding production values, Porus, has already created for itself homes in the hearts of viewers with the magnificent promo flashing on all media platforms. “Viewer’s response to the promo has been overwhelming,” said Odisha-born Satyarth Nayak, the lead screenplay writer of the upcoming towering saga of Emperor Porus, one of the most iconic rulers of Ancient India.

Watch the promo HERE.

A still from the promo of ‘Porus’

The series traces the parallel journeys of Porus and his nemesis, Alexander, both battling since birth to claim their ultimate destinies. Both these lives intertwining and finally clashing head-on in one of the greatest face-offs ever in world history, the legendary Battle of Hydaspes.

When asked about how Porus happened to him, the young author said, “I had approached Swastik Productions in 2016 regarding my bestselling debut thriller The Emperor’s Riddles. The idea was to see if my book could be adapted as a television or web series. Early last year, the production house contacted me saying that they were creating an epic mega-budget show on Porus and they wanted me to come on board for the screenplay. I am enjoying the process and we are all looking forward to the show going on air soon on Sony.”

Striking a balance between fantasy and feasibility was a tightrope walk. “Since I have a background in television writing, being a former feature correspondent for CNN-IBN, scripting and screenplay are not alien to me. But it’s different because while writing a book, I can go completely wild with my imagination, unlike television.”

His second thriller will be out next year. He is also working on a book on Hindu Puranas and is in talks with a leading publishing house for his first ever non-fiction book.