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Police clueless in Badrinath priest murder case


Dehradun, July 28 :

A day after the murder of a Badrinath shrine priest who was found dead in his residence late Saturday, the police remained clueless about the perpetrators.

Prakash Bhatt, 50, working as a priest was found dead in th Teerth Purohit locality Sunday in a pool of blood.

A senior official told IANS that they had taken the case with utmost seriousness as the killing took place in the vicinity of the famous religious shrine.

Bhatt’s body was found by his fellow priests after he did not turn up at the temple. He had multiple injuries in his head and blood was also oozing out of his ears, an official informed.

An autopsy has been conducted on the body and the police now await the report for further leads. The Badrinath police station has, however, begun questioning people for more information about the deceased.

Superintendent of Police (SP) SK Meena told IANS that a blood stained ‘tava’ had ben recovered from the room of Bhatt and that prima facie the case appeared to be that of murder.