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Police can now act on mining theft in 3 coal bearing districts of Odisha


Reported by Chinmaya Dehury
Bhubaneswar, Oct 21:

The Odisha government has empowered police personnel to detect mines related cases in the coal bearing districts of the state.

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The government has empowered the police to go for search operations in the coal bearing districts of Angul, Jharsuguda and Sambalpur, informed Mines Director Deepak Mohanty.

It was decided in the state level task force meeting here today.

Earlier, the government had empowered the police personnel to go for search operation with warrant in Keonjhar, Sundargarh, Mayurbhanj and Jajpur districts under the MMDR Act.

“A notification in this regard will be issued by the Home department soon so that the police can detect mining related cases,” said Mohanty.

Mohanty said the meeting also decided to create another unit of the state level enforcement squad to strengthen the patrolling system and detect cases of mining theft.

It also decided to fill up the vacant posts of the three existing units.

The government has decided to expedite the renewal of mining leases as per the July 18 notification of the Union government, which allows a “deemed extension” of up to two years for mines seeking renewal for the first time, but clarifies that this cannot be extended to any subsequent renewal.

“We will follow the notification and renew the mines seeking first renewal. The second and subsequent renewal will be granted only after the lease is granted,” said the Mines Director.

He also said the government would install 6 check gates this year while 12 check gates would be installed by 2016-17.