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Podcast is least painful: Kunaal Roy Kapur


New Delhi, July 17:

He has done theatre, TV shows, films and more. Now, back with “Our Last Week”, a fortnightly podcast, Kunaal Roy Kapur says “podcast is really the least painful” of all the mediums that he experiments with.

Pic Courtesy: www.filmibeat.com
Pic Courtesy: www.filmibeat.com

“I like experimenting while sitting down. I wouldn’t try so many things if it involved any real work. I hate all of them for different reasons. Now everyone is a photographer, and some not too bad either, the self-portrait has really caught on…”

“Acting involves too much waiting. Direction, people keep asking you ‘What you want?’… very stressful. This podcast thing is really the least painful,” Kunaal, who was an assistant photographer under photographer-turned-actor Boman Irani, told IANS.

The “Delhi Belly” actor is now hosting a podcast show “Our Last Week” with Anuvab Pal on Audiomatic.in, which is a platform for narrative podcasts.

“Our Last Week” is a fortnightly podcast where they magnify their unique human life theories for people’s entertainment.

Is podcast — a digital medium — the next big thing or is it just for the niche segment?

“I really don’t know. I’m a bad judge of these things. But people will have ears for many more years, the market potential is tremendous,” he said.

Acting might involve “too much waiting”, but he is not alien to the world of films or television.

How did acting happen?

“It was a big misunderstanding. I thought that just because I like it, I’m good at it. The same way I play cricket. I started on stage, got bitten by the bug and have been at it for 20 years now,” said the brother of “Aashiqui 2” fame actor Aditya.

While he likes to experiment, he isn’t considering producing films like his other brother Siddharth.

“Too many skills required to produce. It’s probably the hardest in the process,” said Kunaal, who has helmed “The President Is Coming”. (IANS)