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Photowalk chronicles beauty of Chausathi Jogini at Odisha’s Hirapur

Picture Courtesy: Utkala Photography Club

Bhubaneswar: Amid a hamlet in Odisha’s Hirapur, beside a small limpid lake, stands a circular stone structure within a temple boundary with a single door made of laterite stone. As you get inside, the hypaethral temple made of sandstone leaves you speechless.

Picture Courtesy: Facebook

With a small platform in the centre with four pillars and statues of 60 ‘joginis’ on the walls encircling the Devi mandap, the Chausathi Jogini temple is a sight to behold. A statue of ‘Mahamaya’ in the mandap is largest of all while there are four statues of various form of Lord Shiva adorning the mandap. The statues of other four joginis can be seen on the western and northern faces of the mandap. This temple, said to have been built by Queen Hira, consort of Shanti-Kara II, has various other statues to keep you wondering about its hidden beauty.

Picture Courtesy: Facebook

“I went to this temple with my photography club members, because I believe, this temple of 64 joginis is a breathtaking sight which youngsters must know about. When you’re standing inside, surrounded by 60 statues of joginis glaring at you, the feeling is queer yet divine,” said SriKrishna Das, the team leader of Utakala Photography Club.

Utkala Photography Club is Bhubaneswar-based photography club with more than 50 members and organizes photography workshops and activities. They organized a photo walk this morning to the Chausathi Jogini temple in Hirapur and wound it up with a walk across Dhauli.