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Pep up your evening keeping with rainy mood in Bhubaneswar

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Bhubaneswar: It’s mid-week and we are all at work but the weather in our city seems to have some other plan! Winter has brought along its distant cousin, rain and we are stuck in wishful thinking of holidays.

But, where there is a will, there definitely is a way and in this case, plans for the evening, if not the day! We listed down some activities you could try in weathers like this:

Get back home early: Well, of course, this weather demands your presence at home in your own pretty zone. Hurry up, complete your work, and get back home soon because a weather like this won’t come every day!

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Read books: Nothing is as comfy as a book by your favorite author and a warm blanket to tuck yourself in. Reading books by the window is pure bliss!

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Entertain your taste buds: You can cook hot, spicy foods like Pakodas, Alu Parantha, Alu chop or order food online. Our city has a lot of wonderful restaurants you can order from.

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Beverages: You can never spend such romantic evenings without your favorite hot beverage. Chai, coffee, hot chocolate! Either prepare it at home or go out to cafes in town.

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Trips/ Long drives: What better excuse than rainy winters in Bhubaneswar to go on a long drive or for small trips to spend the night? How about late night trip to Puri and sitting by the beach and having some crazy, spicy seafood?

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Sweater and Music: Put on your favorite jacket and plug in your earphones; swim across a different world with music, rain, and the chilly wind.

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Movies/TV series: If you’re heading home early, hop into the bed with your blanket and your laptop and watch your favorite movie or TV series you’ve always wanted to. Do not forget popcorns and tea!

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Play around with nostalgia: It is always okay to take break from work and share your old memories of rain! Or read out your favorite poetry to friends. Give your brain, a break!