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Pay Rs 100; get land patta at home in Odisha. Here’s how


Bhubaneswar: Now pay Rs 100 fee during registration and get the Records of Rights (RoR) of the land at home within 90 days through speed post service.

As per the new guidelines issued by the Revenue department to bring reforms in sale and purchase of land to check massive land fraud by the brokers, the land buyer has to deposit additional Rs 100 while applying for the land patta (RoR) after registration at a sub-registry office.

The patta of the undisputed land will be sent to the landowner at his/her given address within 90 days through speed post of the India Post.

As per the existing guidelines, Rs 50 will be for the tehsildar, Rs 30 will be towards user charge or application fee and Rs 20 will be for identification of land.

According to reports, the registering officer will collect the fee during land/plot registration. A special account will be opened to deposit the user fee of Rs 20 collected from the land buyer every week for land identification. The registering officer will have to submit the report on cash deposits to the tehsildar every month.

A gadget notification in this regard will be published soon by the Revenue Department.

Meanwhile, a new system will be implemented from January 2019 to stop the officials and brokers from harassing the land buyers.

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Under the new system, a landowner can get RoR within 3 days (72 hours) from the date of application without complications. In case of undisputed single landholding, the mutation case can be settled when the RoR will be issued to the applicant within 3 days from the date of application.

However, in case of the land with multiple ownerships, the patta can be availed within 90 days of application.