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Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Keonjhar, Nov 11:

Hardly days after state government employees in Odisha’s Keonjhar district took pledges in presence of the district collector to root out corruption during observance of Vigilance Awareness Week, nothing has changed as bribes change hands in the most blatant manner as before in government offices in Keonjhar district.

sambad sting

From the Regional Transport Office (RTO) to the Office of the Electrical Inspector greasing of palms to get work done continues unabated in the most shameless manner.

Our sister concern leading Odia daily Sambad in a sting operation at the Office of the Electrical Inspector on the College Road here on November 4, captured on camera some shameless blatant moments of the business of bribery.

It was 11 in the forenoon when Sambad team reached at the Office of the Electrical Inspector. Like any other day people had gathered there to obtain electrical licenses.

Sources had revealed that the clerks at the office charged a minimum of Rs 1000 as bribe using the name of the electrical inspector to issue a license.

A little while after Sambad team’s arrival at the office, Ram Nayak (not real name, identity withheld) of Keonjhar to get license pushed Rs 200 under the table into the hands of Krupasindhu Sahu (the man responsible for issuing licenses) which he coolly put it into his pocket.

Next came another person from Keonjhar Puruna Bazaar area, who put Rs 200 directly on Sahu’s table which Sahu again put it in his pocket with the same ease as before.

Everything was happening at the instance of head clerk Bhabani Shankar Mishra. It was Mishra who was controlling the strings from behind keeping Sahu in the front. Later after some time three youth came to obtain their licenses.

Here is the transcript of the conversation that took place between them and Krupasindhu Sahu.

Krupasindhu Sahu: Come give Rs 1000 each.

Youth: We didn’t know that, haven’t come with the money.

Krupasindhu Sahu: Then what can I do?

Youth: Give us our licenses; we will pay you after withdrawing cash from the ATM.

Krupasindhu Sahu: Let me speak to the head clerk.

Bhabani Shankar Mishra (head clerk): No it can’t be done that way. Please come with the money then take your licenses.

Youth: Ok then. We are going to get the money.

Later the youth left the place to fetch money and took their licenses after paying Rs 1000 each.

Youth who have completed ITI in Electrical trade  queue at the office to get licenses to work as electricians in private companies.



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