Part 2: 7 Hilarious Misconceptions About Odias

*Ria Pati

There can never only be 7, so here comes a part 2 for you guys.

Q1. Wait you’re from Odisha? Can’t be, you’re KIDDING right? 

A. Why would I kid about my place of birth… Is there a new joke I don’t know about?

Q2. Oh you look fine to me, I thought people from Odisha are malnourished?

A. Better now?

Q3. Hey even my cook, plumber and electrician are from Odisha! What a coincidence!

A. No comment…

Q4. I’m sure you don’t have OLA or Uber in Odisha, so how do you get around?

A.  We’re well versed in the art of teleportation.

Q5.  What kind of a surname is Behera? Are you Deaf? 

A. No not really, but now I kind of wish I was.

Q. Why do women in Odisha wear a sari without a blouse? 

A. Because blouses are overrated. Also do you know how hot it gets in Odisha?

Q. How is your English so polished? 

A. Cuz when we’re not busy getting caught in a cyclone we get caught in a dust storm that takes us to school.


*The author is a graphic designer based in Gurgaon. The post was originally published here.

The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not reflect the views of Odisha Sun Times.

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