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Panjis foretell a scary year ahead for Odisha


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Mar 23:

Different almanacs or Panjis published in Odia for the forthcoming Hindu calendar year (from Baisakha to Chaitra) have forecast a scary picture of the year ahead for Odisha.


Panjis predict that the farm sector in the state would be wrecked due to natural calamities, prices would rise and rise in temperature would be unbearable accompanied by the acute water crisis.

As if this was not enough, there is a likelihood of floods like situation in the months of June and August while super cyclone or tornado causing losses to the people of the state in the months of May, July, September and October cannot be ruled out.

While most of the astrologers in the Panjis have forecast in the negative on the overall situation in the state, they have, however, predicted that the leadership in the state would remain strong. Though opposition parties would have no impact whatsoever in the state there would be a major reshuffle of the council of ministers, the astrologers have predicted.

The Panjis foretell that due to the effect of Sani on the state this year there would be a rise in the number of road mishaps while there will be remarkable progress in the steel sector.

Under the influence of Brihaspati and the inauspicious combination of Rahu and Ketu rebellion and extremist activities are likely to rise in the state. Discord between religious bodies would increase between April and August so also, the standard of education would dip. Anti-social activities would rise with a marked increase in atrocities against women.

Irregular rains would affect farming and delayed rains especially in western Odisha are likely to affect agriculture. A rise in prices of essential commodities would lead to turmoil in the state.

The government despite taking various steps for the welfare of workers and farmers is likely to be in trouble for the unscrupulous acts of some persons in the government.

Today being Dola Purnima in accordance with the unique tradition in Odisha  forecasts for the year ahead made out by astrologers in the new Panjis were read out to the Lords at different temples including the Shree Jagannath Temple at Puri by priests.

The Odia new year begins on the Maha Bisubha Sankranti which falls on April 13 this year.