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Paleolithic relics unearthed in China


Bejing, Oct 5 :

Chinese archaeologists have discovered over 2,000 relics dating back to the Paleolithic period, the media reported Sunday.

The new findings in Hebei Province proved again the existence of human beings since ancient times in Nihewan area along the banks of the Sanggan river, Xinhua reported.Paleolithic tools china Palaeolithic

The Paleolithic ruins include mammal bone pieces, three ash sites, stone tools and burnt bones which were evidence of human activity dating back more than 13,000 years, said Guan Ying, the head of an excavation team.

Ancient people may have lived in the area some 1.9 million years ago, said Guan, an expert with the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Since the 1920s, both Chinese and foreign archaeologists have conducted in-depth studies on Nihewan culture ruins which have led to a series of important discoveries.