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Pakistani netizens are superfans of Odisha tourism video and how!


Bhubaneswar: Tourism Department of the Odisha government is pulling out all the stops in promoting the beauty of the land and its culture, especially through visual advertisements aided by social media.

A couple of months ago, a YouTube channel called Reaction Check had a Pakistani national watching the video, ‘Paradise Unexplored’, for the first time, with no prior knowledge of this Indian state.

Turns out, there are other similar videos where YouTubers from Pakistan have watched this particular ad and have been left spellbound by the diversified topography and rich cultural heritage of Odisha. They are waiting excitedly for an opportunity to visit the land of Jagannath but are ailed by VISA issues and the cold international relationship between the two countries. For example, Shakir Shah and Mumid Abbas of Reaction Express YouTube channel are in complete awe of the beaches and waterfalls of Odisha.

Imtiaz Bajwa’s YouTube channel has the two anchors applauding the techniques of making this video and can be heard saying “Waah” and “Kya Baat” multiple times. Hamii Reactions and Vlogs also points out the slow motion and time lapse elements in the video and are impressed with the editing.

These reaction videos of Odisha Tourism ad have garnered good viewership and has numerous comments heaping praises and sometimes, even criticism on them. While some YouTubers have trouble pronouncing ‘Odisha’ and may not understand the performing art and crafts, others are stupefied by the grace of Odissi dance, the temple architecture and the scenic coastline, to name a few.

The Odisha Tourism’s captivating video, called upon people to visit the ‘Paradise Unexplored’ and sure enough, there are many fans across the border!