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OUAT Agro-met dept issues advisory for Odisha farmers ahead of ‘Hudhud’


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Oct 10:

The department of Agro-Meteorology of the Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology (OUAT) today issued a detailed advisory on the dos and don’ts for famers in view of the impending cyclonic storm,’Hudhud’.

The advisory issued by Dr. S. Pasupalak, Dr. A. Baliarsingh and S Biswasi recommended a contingency plan for farmers in the state while advising them not to panic.

Before Cyclone

Rice: Harvest the early paddy at physiological maturity stage and shift to a safe place. Spray 1% Gibberellic acid at flowering stage to prevent pollen drop


Propping and tying of adjoining 4-8 hills to provide mechanical strength to prevent lodging due to high wind speed. Provide drainage.


Provide drainage.Go for picking of matured pods instead of waiting for total maturity of pods to avoid viviparous germination in the pod itself.


Go for harvesting of early planted crops to avoid viviparous germination. Make bundles and keep them in such a way that the pods at the top and the plants down. Provide drainage in late planted crops.


Provide drainage. Harvest the vegetables to prevent damage due to high wind speed and heavy rainfall and for better market price. Provide staking to avoid lodging and breaking of twigs.

After cyclone


Drain out excess water by providing drainage channel of at an interval of every three feet distance in medium duration rice at flowering stage, if lodged. Drain out water and apply N @ 8 kg/ac for quick recovery in late rice or spray 2% urea in the afternoon at flowering stage for better yield. Straighten the lodged plants to avoid rotting of emerged panicles. Heavy rainfall may aggravate the infestation of cut worm in late rice. Go for plant protection measures by spraying Chloropyriphos @2 ml per liter water.


Straighten the lodged sugarcane plants and apply Urea @ 10 kg/ac for quick recovery.


Pick the matured pod as soon as possible and dry and thresh the harvested pods for safe storage.Heavy rainfall may aggravate the infestation of red and black hairy caterpillar in pre-rabi pulses. Go for plant protection measures by spraying Imidachloprid @5 ml in 10 liter water.


In excessive soil moisture condition, spray Plantomycin @ 1gm/Liter mixed with Copper Oxychloride @ 3-4 gm/Liter of water in nursery to protect from seedling rot. Drain out excess water. If seedlings are damaged due to cyclone, go for re-sowing in nursery immediately for planting of vegetable crops.

Rabi crops after cyclone:

Go for sowing of rabi non paddy crops like groundnut, sunflower, mustard, pulses like bengal gram, pea, rajma, rice bean, lentil, green gram, black gram and sesame. Collect seeds and go for potato planting and nursery sowing of onion. Go for fodder cultivation like oats, berseem, Lucerne, maize and hybrid napier. Go for summer paddy during December in low land.

The advisory said the state had received 69% deficit rainfall during October (up to October 8), compared to normal rainfall. However, during September the rainfall was normal. The state received about 15 mm rainfall during the last 15 days, which is not sufficient to meet the evaporation requirement (around 50 mm). As a result the crop is in moderate moisture stress right now at most places, particularly medium rice.

Heavy rainfall warning

In its weather forecast the department said districts of Gajpati, Rayagada, Koraput and interior parts of Ganjam district will face high winds and experience very heavy to extremely heavy rainfall.

Similarly, Khordha, Puri, Nayagarh districts and coastal Ganjam will receive very heavy rainfall. While Balasore, Jajpur, Jagatsinghpur, Bhadrak, Cuttack, Kendrapada and Phulbani will experience heavy rainfall, Keonjhar, Dhenkanal, Anugul, Boudh, Western part of Mayurbhanj will experience low to medium rainfall and Jharsuguda, Bolangir, Kalahandi, Nawarangpur, Sonepur, Sundergarh, Bargarh districts will be the least affected zone, the advisory said.