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OST reporter manhandled by police at Naveen Niwas


Odisha Sun Times Bureau

Bhubaneswar, Mar 14:

In yet another incident of police high-handedness in Naveen Patnaik’s Odisha, Odisha Sun Times (OST) reporter Chinmaya Dehury was manhandled by security personnel at Naveen Niwas here on Friday when he had gone there to cover the announcement of a fresh list of candidates for the coming elections by Chief Minister and Biju Janata Dal (BJD) supremo Naveen Patnaik.


Dehury was heckled, manhandled, misbehaved with and prevented from entering the premises by the overzealous security personnel at Naveen Niwas -ignorant that these are attributes of a television journalist – asked him to show his camera and boom (mike). Repeated pleadings by Dehury that he was from the web media and did not have these attributes fell on deaf ears. 

The OST  reporter showed him his visiting card in an effort to prove his journalistic credentials, but the security personnel would have none of it.  They physically pushed him out of the gates.

At a time when hundreds of people, who are neither party leaders of BJD nor staff of the Odisha government, can be seen roaming inside the Naveen Niwas, the high handedness by the security personnel has come in for severe criticism from the journalistic fraternity.

“If the security personnel are so concerned about the security of the Chief Minister, how come hundreds of people are allowed inside the security cordoned house?” asked a senior journalist.



  1. It’s high time Editors of all genuine News Portals in the state, demand proper recognition from the State Government. I request Sampad Sir to lead the movement. We will support him always.

  2. How OST will be allowed to Navin Niwas.He is not Biju babu,who never took (pso) for himself When he was CM,Orissa.Biju babu was miles away from Police.He was always with people.
    Naveen normally lives like a VIP prisoner with the full cover of Armed Police.
    OST never being silent on each & every issues/problems of poor Odisha.How OSTis expecting his reporter to be allowed to enter into Naveen Niwas !


    I request Odisha Sun Times to register one complaint in Police Station against the Security Personal deployed in Naveen Niwas immediately. It is disgusting to know that one reporter was being manhandled.

  4. I know Chinmay(chinu) personally…he is from my locality. He is absolutely a nice chap…perhaps the security wanted rudeness from a reporter which Chinu can’t exhibit. These people r trained to use slangs/force, when they get that they remain silent. so now training syllabi of the journalists should be to use slangs, raw force when countered. Another journalist Shubhrakant of dharitri was beaten black n blue in Naveen Niwas becoz he was sober also like Chinu…So now the seniors must have to do something about it now…

  5. After Subhakanta..Chinmaya became the victim of police high handedness. Will police register a case and take action ? Seems CM’s favorite line “Law will take its own course” and “I will look into the matter” will give the case to a u turn and justice will be denied…

    • thanks for your concern.since the chances of the police registering a case on it own are nil, we shall file an FIR in this regard and see what ‘action’ it takes what ‘course’ the law takes in naveen raj.

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