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OROP accepted in principle: Modi


New Delhi, Aug 15:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said the One Rank One Pension scheme has been accepted by the government “in principle”, adding that he is expecting a “positive outcome”.

Narendra ModiWhile it was anticipated that he would announce the implementation of the scheme in his Independence Day speech, Modi again repeated what has been government’s stand for a while now.

“People of India sleep in peace because of the jawans. For the 125 crore people of Team India, the soldiers are national resource,” Modi said from the ramparts of the Red Fort.

“Many governments came, OROP came in front of everyone… Everyone promised, but no solution was reached,” he said.

Modi said even after his government came, the problem has not yet been resolved.

“I am assuring again, it is not a person speaking, I am speaking on the behalf of 125 crore people, under the tri-colour, from the ramparts of Red Fort… In principle we have accepted One Rank One Pension. The phase of discussions is on,” Modi said.

“The trust with which talks are on, we are expecting a positive outcome,” he said. (IANS)