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Onions at Rs. 9 per kilo! Website offers deal


New Delhi, Sept 5 :

High prices are making people shed tears for onions before they are even chopped, but now a website is offering the bulbs at prices as low as Rs. 9 per kilogram.


Beginning today Groupon India, a shopping website, which offers a daily deal on best local goods, services and events has tied up with a Delhi-based wholesaler to deliver onions for the next seven days to customers in 78 cities across the country.

“It is a very simple deal. We are a deal site and in the current situation where onion prices are skyrocketing, we are offering onions at Rs. 9 per kg. The onions will be home delivered to buyers,” Ankur Warikoo, CEO, Groupon India said.

The deal is scheduled to be online for the next seven days and customers would be able to get their onions within 10 days of placing their orders.

“We plan to sell 3,000 kilograms of fresh onions per day.

This is so that we can ensure the quality of the products. We have tied up with a large onion distributor in Delhi and will be using multiple logistic partners to deliver the onions to customers,” Mr Warikoo said.

Onions, packaged in special moisture free wraps would be couriered to buyers by companies like Blue Dart, which is a partner of Groupon. Only registered users of the site would be able to avail the deal with only one deal available per user.

The company says it expects more than 20,000 people to avail of the onion promotion.

“We are fairly confident that people will buy. The offer will last till the onions last,” Warikoo said.

Since the last one and half months, retail price of onions have skyrocketed up to Rs. 80 per kg in most parts of the country.
Groupon India is part of a 48-country portfolio of Groupon Global spanning 200 million subscribers and over USD 5bn in annual sale.

( Press Trust of India )