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OJM withdraws party candidate for Bhubaneswar North


Odisha  Sun Times

Bhubaneswar, Mar 10:

In a surprise move the  Odisha Jan Morcha (OJM) has withdrawn its candidate for Bhubaneswar North assembly constituency Dr Sarat Mishra.

OJM's election symbol
OJM’s election symbol

Dr Mishra’ s name had been announced earlier as the party candidate for the constituency.

In a late night press release on Monday, OJM’s spokesperson Amar Nayak said Dr Mishra was removed from the post of party treasurer three days ago. His candidature has now been withdrawn because there are ‘doubts over his trustworthiness’, Nayak said.

The move comes as a surprise because Dr Mishra, a founder member of the OJM,  has been a trusted associate of party chief Pyarimohan Mohapatra ever since the regional outfit came into being.

Earlier the party had expelled a founder member of OJM and well-known youth leader Amiya Pandav for ‘anti-party’ activities.



  1. OJM is useless, it is in the interest of Odisha to vote Naveen Patnaik’s lead BJD for MLA and Narendra Modi lead BJP for MP. BJD MPs are useless in the center, 16 BJD MPs did not do anything good for Odisha in last five years except showing their crocodile tears. Since BJD is not going to support Narendra Modi, who is most likely form next Govt., it is for the benefit of Odisha that Odia people vote BJP for MP seats.

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