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OIC adopts Jeddah declaration, seeks increased Islamic solidarity


Jeddah, June 20 :

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Thursday welcomed the Jeddah declaration, which seeks to strengthen economic and political solidarity among member states, the media reported.

OIC The declaration, issued at the end of the 41st session of the Conference of the Council of OIC Foreign Ministers, encourages the organisation to restructure its Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry to be more effective, by promoting the role of businessmen as well as encouraging cooperation between Islamic chambers, Xinhua reported citing Saudi Press Agency.

Saudi Arabia hosted the two-day foreign ministers’ conference that began Wednesday.

The declaration also oversaw the formation of the Ministerial Contact Group on the “Holy City of Alquds (Jerusalem)”. It called for urgent action on the Palestinian issue, appealing to member countries to bear the political, moral and ethical responsibility. It also urged the organisation to support a strategic plan to develop the disputed city.

The resolution held Israel fully responsible for the halt of the Middle East peace process, citing Israel’s reneging on the prisoner release agreement, it’s settlement policy, the blockade on Gaza, as well as the “Judaisation” of Jerusalem.

Thursday’s declaration also rejected Syria’s recent presidential elections, saying the elections go against the Geneva peace statement, which calls for the establishment of a transitional government with the aim of reviving the political process for all parties.

The countries party to the declaration also expressed solidarity with a number of countries with a significant Muslim population, and notably called for an end to the continuing violence and discrimination against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar’s Rakhine State.

Kuwait will host the next session of the foreign ministers council in 2015.