( Facebook discussion on Naveen Patnaik initiated by a Prasanna Mishra, former Union Coal Secretary )

Prasanna Mishra
Naveen Patnaik as a public speaker is far less hearable than Rahul Gandhi. Hearing Nitish Kumar is a pain; hearing Mulayam Singh Yadav does not make one wiser even though some of his words could be intelligible. Mayawati speaks somewhat better. Mamata Banerjee cannot speak well in Hindi in a public meeting. Arvind Kejriwal talks well, coherently and can hold the attention of even a large crowd in any part of the country. Narendra Modi of course is the best whose words have punch, meaning and conviction. Among all these leaders, Naveen Patnaik is the lone exception who cannot speak to the public without reading from a prepared text. What he reads has never been understood, even by the most attentive of the listeners. The words have more of sound; less of intelligibility. Even the thunder during the nor’wester coveys a message of impending rain; his spoken words in a public speech lead you no where. He needs great efforts to improve in case he and his admirers want him to play a national role. But going by his progress in learning Odia even after 13 years, one feels that he has been an exceptionally slow learner. If he is consistent, he may take same time to improve his oratorial skill even marginally. In the foreseeable future, no substantial refinement can be anticipated. This may prove to be a drawback in his career advancement process. But then Dame Luck always has Her own way of rewarding & punishing people. He may still emerge a front-runner through dark room maneuvering.

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Umesh Chandra Kar
Nice analysis

Sudip Kumar Das
…journalists vote said Bernstein …. which way a good journalist will vote no one can make out he said … apologies sir… Namo bhai will take you for granted a privilege he really hasn’t earned ….Naveen babu would have given up as a bad joke hopes of having you in his corner even if he were willing to stand on his head all night for the privilege ….

Arkajyoti Samanta
How they stand against the oratory skill of MMS? People will compare against that criteria , I believe!

Ranjeet Sasmit Behera
100% true analysis

Anshuman Sarkar
in a nutshell you meant father of all novices.

Avinash Satpathy
lets look at the sunny side….atleast his scripts prevent him from doing something like transferring taxila to bihar or sound as obnoxious as mayawati

Natabar Khuntia
In spite of what you said he was adjudged as Priya Odia by a TV channel. During his above 13 years long rule Odisha remains the poorest state,but he is going rich in grabbing votes.Do you believe in’ PRARABDHA?’

Debadutta Mohanty
. …empty vessels sounds much.

Rabindra Panda
Dear friends it is our mistake because we expect something from him because he is dear Biju Patanaiks son.He is her not for doing anything good for the state what his father had a dream,he is her to en cash the popularity of his father and love of ODISHA people towards their beloved leader late BIJU PATNAIK.

Saubhagya Panigrahi
Natabar Khuntia sir eha nischita bhabe prarabdha, nachet biju babu nka bhali jane drudha tatha internationally parichaya tiari karithiba neta 3 thara cm heiparileni, au papu babu tanka pasangare napadile bi 3 thara cm heleni, puni tanka bhasana padhibara style bi neta bhali nuhna, thik majurianka bhali, bikasa katha 13 barsa hela kahuchhanti. bodhe ebhali bikasa hela loke 2 tankia chaula kiniparileni, tenu 1 tankare chaula diajauchhi. au ppu babu best cm bolauchhanti

Subhas Chandra Choudhury
I dont think Alexander or Selukus read or spoke Sanskrit or Pali . They were kings here. Ganga s from Karnataka must not have spoken Odia. Nor babur knew Hindustani. Similarly Purusottam dev might not have known Tamil.

Subhas Chandra Choudhury
Well I dont think that really mattered.

Prasanna Mishra
A conqueror is not democratically elected. A democratically elected person has to know the language of the people he represents. If he does not, he is not a democrat in heart.

Chinu Mahanti
Babu Prasanna, you couldn’t have been more correct in your analysis of speaking abilities to the public of various current political leaders of our country. I’m amazed at those who feel that public speaking is not a high necessity for a political leader

Prasanna Mishra
Real is different from image. We are indeed in the grip of a virtual world.

Nikki Subha
i dont know y such people more focus on other issue..let it go.becoz everybody is nt same according to dere decision


Prasanna Mishra
November 4
Naveen Patnaik era in Odisha will be remembered for (i) the vice-like grip of criminality over the entire state; (ii) increasing brutality on women, (iii) unmerited favour to select corporate houses, (iv) marginalization of the depraved segments of the society;(v) consistent neglect of irrigation, flood control and agriculture (vi) exponential spread of corruption (vii) rot in the power distribution system (viii) patronage of a bureaucracy without accountability, (ix) deterioration of the elementary education and school education; (x) decline of all Universities of the state including the one that bears the name of his legendary father.

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Ram Narayan Mohanty
I think u ignored the Gud developments-n also all these shortcomings can be associated with all other cm’s

Chinu Mahanti
An eye opener, Sir. Thought everything was honkey-dory. Deliverance, traahi, bachao!!!

Ram Narayan Mohanty
V shud take stock of Odisha leaders n people at large-hw people from outside Odisha see Odisha

Charulata Panigrahi
So many demerits and still continuing as CM.Shame on us.

Ram Narayan Mohanty
May Odisha’s pride -he is 1 of the best cm in country

Debadutta Mohanty
Thanks to Mr. NP, all above Symptoms are reported all corners of our country.

Ram Narayan Mohanty
This is typical odias’ -in similar situation narendra Modi is projected as pm- v pull our Odia down n see fujrati’s

Ram Narayan Mohanty Gujrati*

Debendra Prusty
well said sir !

Chinu Mahanti
The greatest ‘good work’ done is robbing people of an incentive to work! Don’t work, yet get fed. Like most politicians, has turned the whole state into ‘freedom fighters’…Rice, a rupee a kilo. That’s it. The lousiest excuse: every one else has done it done before that. Typical Congress line: BJP ne 6 saal kya kia? Tumhare 60 saal ka filth nikaal ne ka kosish kiya. So other CMs have done nothing, if nothing is done now, how does it matter? Mo bopaa chora thila, mu chori kali kana heal?… That doesn’t mean that we ignore good developmental work done. Credits for that. That’s fair & logical. In any case a good teacher shows the wrong answers that the students has given. Similarly, if short comings or short falls are pointed out there is nothing at all wrong. A well wisher does that. And that’s PM(Prasanna Mishra) has done. So, I see it. It’s service to Naveen. Let’s not take Ostrich Syndrome beyond a point, Sir.

Chinu Mahanti
Charu, so many demirts!!! Don’t be disheartened, young lady. It could have been worse. We have proven record of that. I’m an incorrigible optimist, you see. But not afflicted with Ostrich Syndrome. At least not yet.

Chinu Mahanti
True a broad based opinion including 0f those out side the state is necessary, but ‘ghara aleeya ghare rahilaanku janaa na joumaane drawing re basi, dining room re khaee, thank you for lovely evening walanku janaa’? Raheela Gujurat kathaa, seithi thaau, Narendra Modi jouthi bi thaau.

Arjit Mohapatra
All very true, unfortunately he will rot Odisha for another 5 yrs because we don’t vote. Let’s vote him out and show the door

Satyajit Mishra
The positive development is that he never calls to any IIC to free any rape convict, the party people. He punishes the criminals be they IAS or his own party men. He ensures justice that is apolitical to many. He is a threat to cheap propagandists….

Narendra Nath Panigrahi
There may be so many loop holes in the Navin Pattanaik’s regime; but I will say with certainty that it is better than the previous rule by the Congress people.

Gyanendra Tripathy
We must give him a clear chance to work on his own, with his own choice groups from 2014. So that we can be clear about his individual choices & works. We can not confirm about the points now as stated above in the post – as he is now surrounded with the group peoples of 2009.

Arjit Mohapatra
For 15 yrs he is working with his choice only, still need 5 more yrs ?

Saubhagya Panigrahi
IAS criminal hele tanku bida kariparanti au anil agrawal namare warrent thile bi ta sahita table share kariparanti. karana se nije gruha mantri, tenu police ra himmat asiba kaudu anil agrwal dehare hata debaku?

Saubhagya Panigrahi
naveen ensures justice, joke of the millenium. babina, madhabi, baliapala o paikamala jhiaku naveen nyaya deidele, tenu itishri ku madhya nyaya milijiba?

Saubhagya Panigrahi
naveen party lokanku bali deichhanti. tebe 2009 masihara 2nd adhibesanare khani durniti mamalare nije haradaghanare padiba pare naitikata drustiru istapha deleni kahinki?

Saubhagya Panigrahi loke 2 tankare chaula kiniparileni, tenu tankakare debaku padila, odishara positive development bodhe eha?

Santosh Mohanty
ଖାଣ୍ଟି ସତ କଥା ହେଲେ ବିଲେଇ ବେକରେ ଘଣ୍ଟି ବାନ୍ଧିବ କିଏ ?

Jyotsna Devi Mardaraj
another 5 yrs will ruin our State

Subhranshu Kumar Dash
Damage already done much before. Don’t think of another 5 yrs. It will be a living hell simply.

Baibhav Mishra
The issue that hovers on denizens of Odisha is their simplicity and ignorance. The banal class has been wooed and deluded systematically by the current regime, using the name of Shri Biju Patnaik.

Baibhav Mishra
The issue that hovers on denizens of Odisha is their simplicity and ignorance. The banal class has been wooed and deluded systematically by the current regime, using the name of Shri Biju Patnaik.

Their head honchos have mastered the art of misleading our tribe. Ordinary voting class across the State is still in oblivion of the colossal losses we have incurred by the illegal siphoning of our Mineral Resources.

Its high time Odia People assess the VERACITY of the glossy picture of mythical development and whimsical dream projected by the incumbent Government. And decide – Do they deserve a 4th Term?

Rabindra Panda
If you are thinking of Congress then i think BJD is somehow better….because some think is better than nothing.

Baibhav Mishra
Rabindra Panda Sir, I endorse you completely, Congress is monstrous alternative to BJD. It is also evident from the prevailing pro-incumbency in Odisha that, BJD will be scoring good numbers in the coming elections. The message I wanted to transpire was – Odisha in the present scenario needs a Coalition form of Governance. Single handed complete majority has infused complacency and conceived an unhealthy envelope for Comprehensive/Holistic development.


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