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Odisha’s young scientist invents human robot, smart chair


Balasore: In a major breakthrough, a young scientist of Odisha Nilamadhab Behera invented a human robot and smart chair that can be used in multiple operations in defence and hospitals.

Although, the invention is not new in India, his efforts spending valuable time in an eight-ft width cottage laboratory to develop a robot and smart chair prove his potentiality to do many things in future.

Nilamadhab, 18, a resident of Kanpur village under Oupada block in Balasore district, becomes the first to have developed a human robot in the state. He claims his invention as unique among the robots made in India so far.

Recently, he had presented the data about his inventions before Odisha Science and Technology department at Bigyan Bhavan where eminent scientists and IIT Professors attended the programme and gave him a big thumb up to his robot. He claimed that the special robot can be used in security system in defence to guard the nation apart from using it in commercial establishments, hospitals and hotels.

He has also developed a smart chair, whose mind wave reader can help a person tracking his thought and consciousness to move from one place to other location. The obstruction censor featured in the device can foil any possible incident.

Although, such model was already developed in India earlier, but Nilamadhab has installed a new technique called ‘voice control censor’, which can help a paralysis patient and a blind person to show the path. The device can help to chase someone through infrared track camera. Besides, the smart chair also features a gas censor to escape an accident.

For security of the smart chair, there is a weight censor fixed into it. The censor will inform about damage of the device if heavy weight person sits on the chair, Nilamadhab said.

Interestingly, the smart chair can be made available only between Rs 25,000 and Rs 30,000.

Nilamadhab has spent around Rs 2 lakh towards purchase of various equipments required for development of the human robot and smart chair. His mother Nirupama helped him financially mortgaging her jewelry without notice of his father. He is likely to be felicitated by the district administration on the occasion of Independent Day on August 15.

Nilamdhab is a Plus Two second year student of Talanagar College. His father Sashikant Behera is a teacher at a private school in Soro. Born in a middle-class family, he had been dreaming to develop a robot since his childhood days.