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Odisha’s very own ‘Pahala rasagolla’ may soon go global


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Jul 2:

Famed ‘Pahala rasagolla’ of Odisha will soon become a brand and will have a trademark and a business logo to differentiate it from other rasagolla in the market.

pahala rasagolla

As per information provided by the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Department, the state government is trying to market the product of this brand worldwide through Geographical Indication (GI) to ensure higher sales revenue for the makers, wider reach among the authentic rasagolla lovers and enhance the quality of the product.

The government will open a general facility for the local rasagolla makers of Pahala shortly for a preliminary survey to study the feasibility, following which a decision will be taken.

If approved, the government will also mentor the local makers on better packaging, hygiene and quality testing of the product. Special tin containers will be made available to preserve and ship the product out of state. Besides, it will appoint an advisor to advise the makers on packaging and quality aspects and will offer the entrepreneurial opportunities to the rasagolla makers of Pahala.

The government will also do its share to promote and protect the brand, ensure that no other maker violates the trademark, brand logo and sells under its name illegally.

It may be noted that there are about 120 rasagolla stalls near the national Highway-17 that have been preparing and selling the traditional Odia syrupy dessert for generations.

Even though their reputation is widespread in the state, geographical limitation and lack of modern preservation techniques have meant that they have not been able to cater to the demands of targeted customers in markets outside Odisha.


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