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Odisha’s Sona Mohapatra trolled again on FB. Know why


Bhubaneswar: Odisha-born Bollywood singer Sona Mohapatra today faced a severe backlash from Kangana Ranaut’s fans after she posted a letter on a social media platform criticizing the National award-winning actress when she spoke about the latter’s alleged affair with Hrithik Roshan during a television interview recently.

The “Ambarsariya” hitmaker said Kangana’s interview on Hrithik a “PR campaign” and it was aimed at to promoting her upcoming films.

Hours after Sona posted her open letter on Facebook, Kangana’s fans came ruthless and trolled the former in a very nasty way.

Some of Kangan’s fans called Sona “cheap”, “shameless” while others even questioned her background and termed her a “flop” singer on the popular social networking site.

Sona, who called herself an “alfa-female” on her Twitter profile, was too trolled by the people from her own State for taking a dig at Kangana.

“Sona is jealous of kangana. Sona tum khud kisi circus se kam ho kya..,” posted an Odia woman on Facebook.

Out of nearly 700 comments, 99 per cent have slammed Sona and applauded Kangana for speaking truth and taking nepotism in Bollywood head on.

“Dear sona have you been there with her all the time when she was facing this?.As she rightly said in interview that every individual is different and so its her way of carrying her life.Dont dare to call someone’s emotions or life struggle a CIRCUS.#isupportKangna,” a fan of Kangana wrote.

Coming down heavily on Sona, some others said the former might have been paid by Hrithik to post the letter.

“Did Hrithik pay you to post this,” asks another fan of Kangana.

Meanwhile, Sona too managed to earn plaudits for her social media post over a high-profile controversy.

“Well said. I agree repeating and this muck slinging defeats the purpose of what I once applauded her for. Cheers to you! Sona, for always speaking your mind fearlessly no matter who you saying it to,” one wrote on Facebook.

Here’s the open letter by Sona to Kangana:


This is not the first time Sona is in the line of fire, she had earlier targeted Bollywood stars Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha on social media.