Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Feb 5:

Odisha Electricity Regulatory Commission (OERC) will begin its public hearing over electricity tariff revision for this year starting tomorrow.

In the first day, Odisha Hydro Power Corporation (OHPC) and Odisha Power generation Corporation (OPGC) will argue before the Commission tomorrow.

According to reports, in its argument, OHPC will argue for hiking the tariff over two times in a single go.

It will present the increasing production expenses at five places, higher loan burden and revenue shortfalls to root for higher tariff. The corporation currently places its electricity generation costs at Rs1.82 per unit. However, it is supplying electricity at 83 paisa per unit.

Similarly, reports suggested that OPGC is likely to bat for a tariff hike to Rs2.2 from existing tariffs of Rs 1.9.

The same is expected of GRIDCO when it presents its side on February 8. The company has been purchasing electricity at a higher rate from the central pool than it supplies.

Meanwhile, Odisha Electricity Consumers’ Association said that the electricity tariff hike is very likely in the state this year.

“The State Government companies such as GRIDCO, OHPC, OPGC have applied the OEC for a tariff hike. The tariff is likely to be increased due to flawed policies of the government. We are going to object to it, “ said President of the Association Ramesh Tripathy.

Citing letters written by two electricity generating companies to OERC, the Association said that a price hike had been postponed last year on the face of immense pressure exerted by consumers and the Association. The same, however, is unlikely this year.