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Odisha’s Capital Hospital raises outdoor fee


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Jun 2:

The Capital Hospital in the Odisha capital on Monday increased its outdoor consulting fee from Rs 2 to Rs 5 with effect from June 1.
However, the decision has triggered resentment among patients.

Capital HospitalThe decision to increase the user fee was taken at a meeting of patient’s welfare committee.

“Earlier the outdoor consulting fee was Rs 2. Out of this Rs 2, the organisation in charge of operating the counter used to charge Rs 1.99 and the patient’s welfare committee used to get 1 paisa. This used to make development of hospital infrastructure difficult,” justified hospital’s Director Biswa Bhusan Patnaik.

Even though the hospital authorities justified the hike in outdoor consulting fee, the users were in no mood to pay the extra amount and were seen arguing with the staffs on duty at the hospital counter.

Hospital Director Patnaik, however, said he has no knowledge of any such arguments and hoped that the people will get used to it.

“This type of opposition usually happens when the prices go up. I have no knowledge of any heated argument. While we have increased the outdoor consulting fee, the organisation in charge of operating the counter won’t be paid extra. We will try to not hike the fee further at least for another one year.  Those who are extremely poor would continue to receive free treatment like before,” he added.