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Odisha’s Bhitarkanika welcomes another albino crocodile ‘Gori’


Kendrapara: A new member white crocodile was added to the saltwater albino species like ‘Gori’ in Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary here with birth of an albino crocodile hatchling.

The hatchling is undergoing a proper care at Dangmal Crocodile Research & Conservation Centre. This is for the third time the rare reptile was born in Odisha.

The albino crocodile was among 32 hatchlings came out of eggs in scientific process in August. After the hatchlings grew, the white crocodile was spotted out of them.

According to reports, a crocodile nest at Ganjeikhia in Bhitarkanika was destroyed due to sea tide during the crocodiles’ breeding season this year. The forest department had collected 58 eggs from the nest and kept those at Dangmal Crocodile Research & Conservation Centre. Out of 58, 32 hatchlings were born through scientific process.

Initially, the colours of the reptiles could not be identified. As they grew up, the officials found one albino crocodile hatchling swimming in the water.

Earlier, a female albino crocodile hatchling ‘Gori’ was born first time at Dangamal Crocodile Research & Conservation Centre on April 22, 1975. It was the first albino crocodile in India. Even, the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was curious to see the white crocodile, which was brought to Bhubaneswar in a special arrangement for him.

However, Gori could not be blessed with babies even at age of 42.

Later, the forest department got two white crocodile hatchlings in 2003. While one was kept in a confined pond, another hatchling lived in a river in Bhitarkanika.