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Odisha welcomes me the warmest way: Bollywood singer Aditi Singh Sharma


Bhubaneswar: Bollywood singer Aditi Singh Sharma, who shot to fame with ‘Sooraj Dooba hai’ from Roy, is in Odisha Capital for a show later in the evening.

The GIMA MTV Viewer’s Choice award winner started her career with the song ‘Yahin Meri Zindagi’ in the movie Dev D and hard work and dedication has helped her come a long way in Bollywood as a playback singer. In conversation with Odisha Sun Times, she spoke about her journey, hobbies and Odisha. Excerpts:

Q. From Dev D to Golmal Again, how has the journey been?

A. It’s been unbelievable! It’s a dream come true. In fact, so many people are around with unaccomplished goals and dreams yet to be realized but for me, a lot of them turned into reality quite too soon. So many title tracks, so many albums and so many films that I have been a part of, it is quite overwhelming.

Q. What is Aditi doing when she’s not singing?

A. Cooking! I have this hashtag on the internet- #chefaditi. I love cooking and in fact, I have cooked for a lot of my friends in the music industry. These days, music keeps me so busy that I hardly get time for anything else. Other than cooking, I love driving but it is quite a luxury while living in Mumbai.

Q. How has your experience in Bhubaneswar been?

A. I have been here a lot of time and the experience has been amazing. As soon as I get into the hotels, the staff take care of my food and keep asking me what do I need. Odisha welcomes me the warmest way.

Q. Have you ever tried Odia cuisine?

A. I have always tried Odia cuisine. Whenever I am here, I ask the hotel staff to bring me some ‘Odia’ food. I have had your ‘dalma’, ‘ghanta’ and some other sweet dishes.

Q. Did you travel around here in Odisha?

A. I could never get enough time to travel. I have come here for shows only. I come to the hotel from the airport and from there to the show and then take flight back to Mumbai. There’s hardly any time but in near future, I want to explore places here.

Q. What are your plans ahead? Upcoming movies and songs?

A. I never really talk about my upcoming songs and movies until they’re done. It’s been a protocol since my first song in Dev D. Though, I do hope you’ll all get to hear me more. I have had peculiar lucks and most often, my songs release in and around December. So, let’s hope we have something this December, too.

Q. You have sung a Bengali folk with Ram Sampath for Coke Studio India. Any plans on singing Odia folk too?

A. Yes, ‘Sundari Komola’. It was a wonderful experience with Ram Sampath. I am always looking for collaborations. If I get any offer for Odia song, I would be more than happy to take it up.

She wrapped up saying she’ll be back in Odisha soon.