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Odisha to engage photographers to rein in traffic rule violators


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Dec 2: 

Acting on the orders of Justice Radhakrishnan committee, Odisha Government today decided to engage professional photographers to find and punish traffic rule violators in the state.

Pic Courtesy: photos.merinews.com
Pic Courtesy: photos.merinews.com

As per information provided by Sanjay Kumar Behera of Bhubaneswar RTO, the drive would be started from Bhubaneswar soon.

“We are going to engage professional photographers to click digital images of errant drivers that violate traffic rules. The photographers would be paid Rs 50 per photograph. Acting on the photographs, the RTO would serve notice on the vehicle owners and they would be penalized Rs 1,000 for first offence and Rs 2,000 for subsequent offences,” said Behera.

“The driving license would also be cancelled for three months if the offender continues to violate traffic norms. These penalties would be applicable for all sorts of violation including usage of mobile phone while riding/driving, not wearing seat belt/ helmet etc,” he added.

Notably, road accidents take more lives in Odisha than natural calamities.

As per information provided by OSRTC (Odisha State Road transport Corporation), about 11 people lose their lives every day in the state because of accidents. Most of these accidents have been attributed to violation of traffic rules. About 3,995 people lost their lives and 12,000 sustained grave injuries in 9,680 road accidents during 2014-15.

Similarly, as per information provided by Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, a whopping 1,37,572 persons have been killed in 2014 across the country in accidents.

The Supreme Court appointed Justice Radhakrishnan committee on August 19 had asked all the states to suspend license of traffic rule violators, even for over speeding and red light jumping, for a minimum of three months.

The other violations listed by the panel headed by former Supreme Court judge justice K S Radhakrishnan included carrying overload in goods carriages and carrying persons in goods carriages, driving vehicles under the influence of drink and drugs, using mobile phone while driving. Further, it also directed that the helmet laws be made applicable all over the State/UT both for main riders and the pillion riders.