Home HEADLINES Odisha Sun Times launches ‘Forum’, a platform for debate

Odisha Sun Times launches ‘Forum’, a platform for debate


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Nov 6:

Odishasuntimes.com, the leading English news portal in the state, has launched ‘Forum’, an open platform for visitors of the site to air their opinions and views on any issue of their concern.

“The idea is to make use of the wonderful interactive potential of the web and involve the visitor in a more intimate way in debating issues of concern,” Chief Editor of osishasuntimes.com Soumya Ranjan Patnaik said.

“We would, however, appeal to the participants to keep the debate clean, dignified and healthy and refrain from personal attacks or the use of filthy or provocative language. Let’s agree to disagree and uphold the right of every individual to express his/her views freely,” he said.

To set the ball rolling, OST has flaged an issue that is currently exrecising the minds of all thinking people in Odisha: “Has the Naveen Patnaik government done enough to bring those responsible for the mega chit fund scam in the state to book?”

Visitors are requested to send in their opinions/views, ideally within a word limit of 500, to [email protected]