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Odisha students asked to bear cost of preventing question paper leakage!


Reported by Chinmaya Dehury

Bhubaneswar, July 6:

In a bizarre move, the Odisha government had decided to collect Rs 150 as examination management hub fee from all students seeking admission for Plus Two to pay from the current academic session 2014-15 towards the expenses to be incurred by the government for the setting up and maintenace of examination management hubs, which would ensure fooproof security to question papers.

This has enraged both students and parents in the state and is likely to snowball into a confrontational situation.

According to the government decision, the students will now have to pay for the Examination Management Hubs, where question papers will be placed under tight security during the examinations. The Hubs have been introduced as a part of the examination reforms devised by the department of Higher Education, primarily to avoid leakage of question papers, which has been embarrassing the government time and again.

“The government after careful consideration have been pleased to approve your proposal for collection of examination management hub fee amounting Rs 150 from each student at the time of admission in higher secondary classes from the academic session 2014-15,” said a letter of Higher Education department to Chairman, Council Higher Secondary Education (CHSE).

However, the decision of the government has invited flak from the students who are not ready to pay for the government’s inefficiency in handling the security of question papers .

“The decision of education department is illogical. It is the duty of government to protect the question papers and examination sheets. Why should we bear the expenses for this?,” asked Bikram Panda, a student.

Similarly, Manoj Mohanty, father of a student seeking admission in Plus Two in a city college, lambasted the state government for harassing the students by coming out with such ‘nonsensical’ ideas.

“If the government is really serious about checking question paper leakage,  then it should not give leverage to the private institutions which are mushrooming in the state. Besides, why should we bear the expenses for the HUBs when the government is claiming that it is spending crores of rupees for the development of the education sector ?” asked Mohanty.

The CHSE has identified Examination Management Hubs where the question papers will be kept under tight security and watched over  by the CCTV cameras. The Hubs will be provided with round teh clock security during the examination period. Special squads will carry question papers from the HUBs and hand it over to the centre superintendents between 7AM and 9AM on examination dates, sources said.

Similarly, the answer sheets will be brought back to the Examination Management Hubs under police custody immediately after the examination is over. The Hubs will be located within a 30 KM radius of the examination centres. However, in remote or hilly areas  with poor communication facility, the distance could be more, sources added.