Odisha steps up evacuation Ops to shift 11.54 lakh people

In order to safely relocate 11.54 lakh people in advance of Cyclone FANI, the government of Odisha was forced to accelerate its evacuation strategy on a war footing as time ran out.

Tomorrow morning, between ten and twelve o’clock, the cyclone was expected to strike the coast of Odisha. Despite this, the authorities have been compelled to hurry up the operation and adjust their aim because the storm is scheduled to arrive between the hours of eight and ten up until twelve.

Originally, the intention was to move 8 lakh people who lived in low-lying areas to safer places elsewhere in the country. After some time, the number was changed to 11.54 lakh.

According to data provided by the government, 3.31 lakh persons have been evacuated as of 3 p.m. today. The town of Ganjam topped the list as the location with the greatest number of individuals forced to relocate.

It is expected that the officials would meet the goal by this evening as per the directive.

People will be relocated from 15 districts to a total of 4852 cyclone and flood shelters that have been identified.

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