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Odisha: Sri Mandir Ratna Bhandar needs repair, says SJTA Chief


Bhubaneswar: Ratna Bhandar (treasury/repository of ornaments) of Sri Mandir, the 12th century shrine in Odisha’s Pilgrim town needs repair, informed an official of the Sri Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA).

“Ratna Bhandar needs repair. The next step in this regard will be taken after getting a final report from the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI),” said Pradip Kumar Jena, Chief Administrator, SJTA after an emergency meeting of the Sri Jagannath Temple Managing Committee held at the Special Circuit House here this evening.

The ASI will submit its final report on this account within a week, he added.

The SJTA Chief Administrator, while informing that the inspection of the Ratna Bhandar was discussed in detail at the meeting added that the walls of the Bahar Bhandar (Outer Treasury) were found to be damp.

“Ratna Bhandar inspection report will be submitted to the Orissa High Court through an affidavit tomorrow,” the Chief Administrator said.

He said Nata Mandap repair will be undertaken after devotees are allowed to enter Jagamohana.

Giving details of the deliberations at the meeting the Chief Administrator said: “Rights of the sevayats (servitors) was also discussed at today’s meeting.”

Notably, a 16-member team including engineers of ASI, the SJTA Chief Administrator, representative of Puri King Gajapati Maharaja Dibya Singha Deb and other authorized members in afternoon entered the Ratna Bhandar to inspect its walls and roof for structural stability.

The team members, who entered the Ratna Bhandar with searchlights removed cobwebs and closely examined the Bahar Bhandar.

However, the team members did not open or enter the Bhitar Bhandar (Inner Treasury) and rather flashed searchlights through and iron grille separating the Bahar Bhandar from the Bhitar Bhandar to inspect its walls and roof.

“Since inside of the Bhitar Bhandar was visible from outside from the Bahar Bhandar, there was no need to open it.We had taken five sets of keys but there was no need to open the locks,” the Chief Administrator clarified.