Prasanna Mishra

A leader has the ability to produce potato, a feku has the compulsion of transporting it. Naveen admirers, particularly, the educated ones, will do well to ponder over it and stop glorifying a myth that 9 lakh people’s evacuation saved Odias from Phailin.

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Sulagna Dash

blame game!

Anshuman Sarkar

now who is the real “feku”?

Prasanna Mishra

Feku is the endearing term for the Fake.

Prasanna Mishra



Potato hungry Odisha consumers will soon get truckloads of Potato from Kashmir. People are rushing to Naveen Niwas to thank the legendary leader for the historic step he has taken to make most states grow enough potatoes to supply to Odisha for ever.

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Thank God all people outside Naveen Niwas have not forgotten PHAILIN evacuation especially those evacuated . Rest without any prejudice all people ( Outside and Inside Naveen Niwas) can just make a slight comparison of PHAILIN death toll and HAIYAN , Philippine death toll. Potato will definitely be of great help to PHAILIN affected in affected areas of Odisha. http://www.reuters.com/.

Prasanna Mishra

Sk Kumar Indeed, how can grateful 4 crore Odias forget their leader who has kept them alive?

Ashok Kumar Paikaray

We are going to receive Chipsona variety from ITALY

Prasanna Mishra



(i) Odisha Government does not contemplate any restriction on sale of Potato chip packets.

(ii) Anxiety over Potato was totally absent this morning in BJB Nagar Daily Market of Bhubaneswar as all shops selling potato remained closed during market hours.

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Anshuman Sarkar

Onions are going to come to the markets shortly which will bring no tears, so an experiment is on to bring tears through potatoes.

Chandrashekhar Mishra

Sir, we saw a long line in the Udyan Fresh near Pal Heights

Ranjeet Sasmit Behera

Can Didi help Nabin Babu?????????????????????

LRanjan Nanda

sir,u r ultimate

Prasanna Mishra

“Will people die if they don’t eat potatoes?” The reported statement of a Minister of Odisha reminded me of the famous statement ” Let them have cake” of the French Queen Marie Antoinette in 1789 just before the French Revolution. Is a Revolution imminent in Odisha? I am excited. Will there be a Dawn soon?

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Samarendra Mohapatra

The problem is they are forming Govt. again. So nothing to worry at all in whatever ways the administration goes.. They are more busy in organising roadside meetings on centers apathy than solving potato crisis. You talk of revolution by the youth. They too are behind these MLAs shouting slogans than demonstrating on potatoes. They can be collected in any numbers.

Better if intellectuals fight and bring a change. No hope with our youth.

Binita Panigrahi

Time for the guillotine !

Trideeb Rout

any revolution needs public,irony is public just creeps.. they don’t act accordingly when r supposed to.42% people vote in bbsr,90%out ofthem fm slums.they hv 1 rupee rice u forgot?so let’s relax its few years far and yes we can take out our frustration over here though

Anshuman Sarkar

Choice lies with the people…the whole of eastern India has regional parties in power who can be said of being the so-called tyrants in their own way. What has Odisha got after being ruled for over a decade by a regional party? Nothing. Let the people decide who they want their rulers to be but after that if they cry on bad governance then that will be their hypocrisy. I can understand it is difficult to choose from the rotten lot but why not try out the novel inclusion of NOTA. A food for thought (my personal views).

Gouri Guha

People know only to complain, when their turn comes to choose their leaders, some make biased decisions. And then starts the suffering which will last for long five years…sob, cry, wipe one’s own tears…whom to choose from a bag full of rotten potatoes…

Manasi Panigrahi

The French Revolution happened because people had no bread. We have BPL programmes, so let’s forget it. Also we are Odiyas, we only criticise never act!!

Umesh Chandra Kar

As we have sent him as MLA, we should follow his advice, as otherwise he is also a doctor and we should start taking, khamba aalu, saaru, [email protected], etc to compensate energy level

Debasish Parija

absolutely agree with Ms. Panigrahi….revolution for what…. should we rebel without a cause, without an objective..are we comparing a social, industrial, cultural revolution with a mere change of political incumbency??

Debadarshi Nayak Leave potato,

Take fish. What is in grape,Take Khismis. Fetch no bread, Cake is best,

Then said Louis Queen, Now Sonia bets.

Dilip Kumar Padhi


Biswajit Mohanty

Outrageous statement from a senior Minister of Odisha Govt :

“Will people die if they do not eat potatoes?”

Maybe they will die if you do not provide them liquor which is now freely available all over the state thanks to the new licences issued by the BJD govt. since the last years !

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PradiptaKishore Misra

& gutka also freely availlable even after ban.

Jyotsna Devi Mardaraj

Dammo is a very clever politician n our Vet Doctor can survive on grass… sadly people don’t seem to mind whatever BJD leaders say:)

Amar Jyoti Mahapatra

has he heard of the irish potato famine….not sure about the liquor part though. i think on a license per one lakh population basis, odisha still is far lower than the national average and way behind many states. the numbers can be normalized to depict a more effective picture if they are linked to poverty and illiteracy as well.

Laxminarayan Kanungo

If we ask, Can’t Odisha run without politicians?

Biswajit Mohanty

It was amusing to watch a senior bureaucrat explaining the potato crisis as a demand and supply issue ! Even a high school student knows this ! But what was the stupid Civil Supply Department doing while the demand was constant but supply was falling ?

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Amaresh Ch Das lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz who ll ask for this ?

Surendra Kumar Nanda

when a snake fell down in a well, people interested to enjoy the scene…….And there is not a good Governance to solve the common men’s benefit.


Dilip Kumar Padhi ha ha, ha


Sukumar Dash

The falling production of Potato in Odisha has well been documented since many years but no concrete action has been taken .Even now I have been pursuing a senior officer since last week to make available seeds to our commodity groups so that they can prepare for potato cultivation.It seems he is always busy in meetings…..


Abhijit Patnaik

Thank god , this time they didn’t blame the Center.


Ashok Kumar Paikaray

Dear Biswajit Mohanty bhai Can we stop the Trucks which are supplying Fish to West Bengal ?


Biswajit Mohanty

@Ashok…let us not stoop to the level of Mamata Didi ! We should not stop food supplies but Odisha should consider stopping supply of iron ore to West Bengal steel plants !


Pratyush Padhi

All the problem is in the policy maker, they are confused with the current situation. So just they want to show the simple problem which will be adjusted in near future. Only assuring. But behind the scene the actual fact is that why supply is less than demand. Its man made or nature made, they want to hide.


Mohapatra Sk

these guys are supposed to go either chatsahali or agriculture field…..


Kanhayalal Sharma

We import basic vegetables and fruits as well as other food items from neighboring states especially Andhra Pradesh, who also supplies to several other states. Is it because we do have farmers or farm lands, since it is full of forests with no land for agriculture to spare? If you have visited Andhra Pradesh you have the answer. Our MPs and MLAs spend their LAD funds on club houses, youth clubs and what not. We have neither farm produce nor storage. So if the trucks stop rolling the food stuffs begin flying from our plates!


Ashok Kumar Paikaray

We have to stop exporting Iron Ore to west Bengal


Ardhendu Sekhar Chatterjee

also good to remember,twice in last 5-6 Yrs , the price at harvest time was so low, that farmers preferred to let it rot in the field..[and neither govt nor pvt industries helped them out], what the officials are trying not to utter, is the word HOARDING..and Profiteering,, because they are the traders , on whose donations, almost every party depend !!


Mohapatra Sk

TFT will work


Dharanidhar Dash

WB safeguarded the interests it’s State. But we came to know that since last seven days AP traders have exported tons of potato from Koraput areas to their State

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