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Odisha polls: booths to display Voter’s Pledge prominently


Reported by Chinmaya Dehury

Bhubaneswar, April 2:

After carrying out a massive campaign urging voters to select pro-development candidates and dump the criminals and the corrupt in the coming elections, the Election Commission has now made it compulsory to display voter’s pledge saying they will vote ethically in the coming elections prominently at voting compartments in all polling booths.

The pledge will be written on white paper in black letters and pasted in the voting compartment in such a way that voter can see it at the time of casting his/her vote. Besides, voter’s pledge will also be displayed at the place where voters wait for their turn in queues.

In what could well be the last attempt of the commission before the election to sensitize the voters to debar criminals and corrupt people from entering the Assembly or the Parliament, the voters’ pledge will read that the voters, citizens of India, having complete faith in the democracy here by pledge that they will keep the honour of the democratic system and maintain free, fair and peaceful elections. Besides, it asked the voters to cast their votes without fear and to rise above considerations of caste, creed, religion and language.

“The pledge will be perfectly placed in the compartment so that it can be read properly. It is our last attempt to sensitize the voters to cast their votes without coming under intimidation, lure and any other activities,” said Election Commissioner HS Brahma here.