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Odisha polls : A 6% swing in favour of BJD made all the difference


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, May 16 :

A huge  6% swing in favour of the  Biju Janata Dal in the twin polls explains the landslide victory for the ruling party in Odisha.Naveen Patnaik

It is not possible to come to any definite conclusions yet,  but it appears the BJD got the most out of the 9% rise in votes during the last two-phase polls in the state.

Normally, any big  jump in the voting percentage indicates an anti-incumbency wave. But in this case, the rise in votes has had just the opposite effect.

Sources in Biju Janata Dal claimed that they managed to get 80 to 90% of the the women’s votes in the state and were also able to mobilise enough voters to the booths and it is this, they said,  that accounted for their huge victory.

In contrast, BJP improved its vote share by just 1% – from 17 to 18% while the Congress has had a huge fall in its vote share and is now down to 25.8%.

Here is a chart that shows the vote shares of different parties on the basis of votes counted. This has been sourced from the Election Commission of India website.

1 BJD 43.0% 8303927
2 INC 25.8% 4978495
3 BJP 18.1% 3500197
4 IND 4.9% 951685
5 NOTA 1.3% 251328
6 AOP 1.1% 211116
7 JMM 1.0% 199976
8 BSP 0.9% 168018
9 AAP 0.6% 120350
10 CPI 0.5% 105254
11 OJM 0.2% 43560
12 APol 0.2% 43490
13 CPM 0.2% 27070