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Odisha police to start interrogation of Maoist leader Sabyasachi today


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Brahmapur, July 20:

After taking Odisha’s top Maoist leader Sabyasachi Panda on a 10 day remand on Saturday, the police will start interrogating him from today, sources said.

Sabyasachi after his arrest
Sabyasachi after his arrest

Panda’s wife Mili Panda will be present during the interrogation today, sources said.

The  SDJM court here, while allowing the police to take Panda on remand yesterday, had set five conditions, one of which is that either a kin or his lawyer or his friend can remain present during the interrogation as per Supreme Court guidelines.

Informed sources said Sabyasachi Panda has been brought to the SP office here for interrogation. Mili Panda told newsmen outside the SP office here that she was informed that interrogation will take place at 9 am but the police are taking their own time.

She said she and her family members failed to meet her husband at the jail yesterday and since meeting jail inmates is not allowed on Sundays, she hopes to meet him on Monday if he is available in the jail during the stipulated meeting hours.

She said her presence during the interrogation is required as her husband had complained before the court yesterday that had he been tortured by the police. She said she had heard her husband telling the court that he had been showered with blows by the police during his arrest.

The SDJM court here while allowing the police to take Panda on a 10 day remand for interrogation has set five conditions for his remand – (a) Panda will be housed in a secured cell. (b) He will be medically examined (c) He will be provided with food and medicines. (d) He will not be subjected to physical or mental torture (e) Family member/friend or his advocate can remain present during his interrogation and family and friends can meet him in the jail during the remand period.