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Odisha police arrests one more with D-brothers link


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Cuttack, Mar 13:

Odisha police today arrested one more person for his alleged criminal links with the notorious gangster Dhalasamanta brothers (D-brothers).

pic: thestatesman.com
pic: thestatesman.com

The Chauliaganj police today arrested Sudhir Choudhury, project coordinator of Tantia Construction on charges of tender fixing. He was allegedly linked with D-brothers in tender fixing, police sources said.

Choudhury’s arrest was confirmed by Cuttack DCP Sanjeev Arora this evening. With Choudhury’s arrest, total number of persons arrested with D-brothers link stands at 21.

Sources said Choudhury had bullied a petty contractor who was engaged in an urban development project taken up by JICA here to relinquish the contract in favour of D-brothers.

He had allegedly forced his current employers-Tantia Constructions, the primary lessee of the project, to transfer the contract of raw material supply to the D-brothers, sources added.

Sources further said Tantia Constructions had paid around Rs 7 crore to Sushil and Sushant Dhalasamanta in different phases towards the sub-contract work the latter took up.