Home STATE CITY Odisha photographer launches thematic calendar ‘VOGUE-2015’

Odisha photographer launches thematic calendar ‘VOGUE-2015’


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Jan 22:

One of Odisha’s emerging fashion photographers Manas Ranjan Ojha launched his thematic calendar ‘VOGUE-2015’ based on various social issues under his brand ‘Archik’s Photography’ here on Wednesday.


Taking the fashion route to work towards healthy reform of the society at large, the photographer portrayed several social issues like ‘Stop Acid Attack’, ‘Empowering Women’, ‘Smoking Kills’, ‘Plastic Pollution’, PETA (Vegetarian and Skin) in this calendar.

“This is an attempt by the Archik’s team to convey a message that each of us can play a pivotal role for a positive change in society by using our skills and being in our own areas of operation. In these turbulent times where social awareness can create a huge difference, this calendar will encourage others to come forward and contribute to making a better world,” Ojha added.

Like previous years, Odisha’s fashion model Muskan Dash has been portrayed as the lead model in the calendar this year too.

“This is third time in a row I am associated with this project and I appreciate Manas’ determination to introduce a trend and continue with the same quality instead of many challenges. Two things I liked very much during the project were discipline in the set and patience for perfection, which perhaps are the key to Manas’ success. Being the face of the calendar, I feel very privileged and wish Manas all the very best in his future endeavour,”Muskan said.