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‘Odisha people are very resilient and make great food’


Bhubaneswar: “I have been related to Odisha in some or the other way. People here are very resilient and make great food! What is there to not enjoy?” said Ranvir Shorey in a one-on-one with our team at the press conference of his upcoming movie, Kadvi Hawa.

In this movie, he plays the role of Gunu Babu, a ruthless and villainous bank loan recovery agent from Satabhaya village of Odisha, a land threatened by cyclone and natural calamities, engulfing villages one by one due to the rise in sea level.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Q: Your movie is based on climate change, which you’re quite vocal about. Being someone people look up to, what are the steps you take as an individual, to fight global warming?

A: I have an OCD for waste. So, I don’t waste any kind of energy-fuel or electricity, and water or food. It’s not in my system to do so! On my part, this one thing I do – minimal waste. I believe there’s an urgent need for a collective step by various communities to not just reduce waste, but also energy consumption. I hope this movie will be an eye-opener for people and force them to think about how serious the problem is. People won’t stop using air conditioner or vehicles but they can definitely find an eco-friendly alternative to them.

Q: You play the role of an Odia man in this movie. Did you have to do any background research on Odisha?

A: Two things I had to research and work on. The first thing was language; not the language but the accent. It’s a Hindi movie but to represent a man from Odisha, I had to have the proper Odia accent. For that, we had a coach and Madhab da(Nila Madhab Panda) also helped me a lot in picking up that accent. And the second thing I had to do extensive research on, was Odia food. Once again, thanks to Madhab da for helping me out in research. I am a huge fan! In fact, I am waiting for all of it to end so I can go have some Odia food. (Smiles)

Q: What do you love the most about your character in this movie?

A: The relentlessness. It beautifully turns on its head; you end up loving the one thing that you hate the most about this character.

Q: Was it difficult playing this ruthless and mean character?

A: I am very good at being mean (laughs). I just had to push one aspect of myself a little bit and there it was, my character.

Q: How do the characters that you do, shape themselves in you? 

A: I think it’s a combination of a lot of things that gives shape to the characters I do. A lot of it comes from the script, a lot of it comes from the director, and a lot of it is your own interpretation and the choices you make as an actor.

Q: What were your best moments while shooting this movie?

A: Shooting at 40 degrees, is really exhausting. After working hard in that harsh environment, the team members would get back to respective rooms and have food together. Nila Madhab would be cooking for us, and we would talk about our days and things alike. Days would end up on a happy note. So, these little moments were the best ones. And, in a community or a team, it’s the camaraderie that gets you through the tough days. I am blessed to have worked with a team that helped me in all my difficult days on the shoot. I have formed a great relationship with Nila Madhab and Sanjay. I’ll count them in my best moments.

Q: You have come a long way from being a VJ at VH1 to the movie Kadvi Hawa. How has this journey been? 

A: It’s been full of ups and downs and probably there’s no end to it. It will keep happening. I will only learn better ways of tackling them. Every part of my journey is special to me. From my first show on Star One to my very first movie and my upcoming movie. They have all made me what I am, today.

Q: How’s Odisha from Ranvir Shorey’s eyes? 

A: I came here for the second time and it’s been an amazing experience. Odisha is an important part of our country and Odia culture resonates throughout the subcontinent. I have Odia friends as well, so I have been related to Odisha in some or the other way. People here are very resilient and, you make great food! What is there to not enjoy?