Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Feb 13:

Tension erupted at Padmakesharipur Ashram School booth under Kalarahanga panchayat on the outskirts of Odisha capital during polling today after some people were seen drawing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) party symbol on the voter’s hands, in violation of model code of conduct.

It was also alleged that non-residents of the panchayat and supporters of the BJP candidate, entered into the polling booth. Following this, the locals present at the booth opposed the unwarranted movement resulting in a commotion.

“Some people have been putting lotus impression on villagers’ hands since last three days. They don’t belong to our panchayat and have been intimidating the residents following which tension erupted,” a local resident said.

Voters and supporters of other candidates opposed the unethical activity of the alleged BJP supporters following which tension erupted in the panchayat, reports said.

It may be mentioned here that Election Commission restrains all parties and candidates from corrupt practices and offences under the election law, such as bribing of voters, intimidation of voters, impersonation of voters, canvassing within 100 meters of polling stations.