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Odisha Nabakalebara: Deities taken inside Gundicha temple


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Puri, Jul 21:

The goti pahandi of the deities to Adapa Mandap (sanctum sanctorum) inside Sri Gundicha temple was concluded in Odisha’s holy town Puri on Monday night.

Goti Pahandi of Lord JagannathThe pahandi of the deities was delayed due to a dispute between the Daitapatis and the temple administration.

Though the charamala (ladder) was fitted to the chariots before 6 PM, the pahandi was delayed by nearly three hours as the chara was not fitted to the Adapa Mandap which triggrered resenment among the Daitapatis.

However, delaythe temple administration in its clarification, the fitting of the charas to the Adapa Mandap was delayed as the new logs had to be put into size.

After the Daitapatis performed Sandhya Aalati and Sandhya Dhupa on the chariots, the pahandi of Lord Madan Mohan and Lord Ramakrushna began at 8.40 PM after which Lord Sudarshan was taken on pahandi at 9.05 PM, Lord Balabhadra at 9.29 PM, Devi Subhadra at 10.40 PM and Lord Jagannath at 11.15 PM.

After the deities are placed on the Adapa Mandap, the Daitapatis later performed gupta niti (secret rituals).

Meanwhile, the Shrimukha Shringar or Banaka Lagi of the Lords was held at the yagna mandap inside Sri Gundicha temple this morning.

After the Banaka Lagi, the servitors would conduct rituals for Hera Panchami.

The temple administration has decided to distribute Adapa Abhada (Mahaprasad) for the devotees from today. The Mahaprasad would be available after the Madhyanna Dhupa between 1 PM and 2 PM.