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Odisha MLA Pravat Biswal’s wife questions CBI’s action


Bhubaneswar: Laxmi Bilasini Biswal, wife of arrested Biju Janata Dal (BJD) lawmaker Pravat Biswal today questioned the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)’s action against her husband.

“The land deal is in my name. It has nothing to do with Pravat Biswal. The petrol pump is in my name. Seashore had paid in two cheques-Rs 15 lakh and Rs 10 lakh and not through account transfer. These cheques were issued in my name and I had deposited them in my account. It was I who returned the money to him (Prashant Dash CMD of Seashore Group). When we returned the money to him the agreement was signed by me and Prashant Dash,” said Laxmi Bilasini addressing a press meet here.

“Where does Pravat Biswal come into the picture? First of all I fail to understand why Pravat Biswal has been arrested? He is my husband that’s true but his signature doesn’t appear in any of the documents. Then how CBI has arrested him on mere suspicion? I have no idea about the huge amount that I have received in my account. I reiterate and challenge the CBI if it can prove that I have taken a single rupee more than the Rs 25 lakh from Seashore then I will serve CBI as its slave,” she stated.

Laxmi Bilasini who was choked with emotion with tears in her eyes said: “My husband is sick. He survives on liquid diet. If anything happens to him God will not spare them (CBI).”

On the other hand, the CBI continued with its interrogation of the BJD MLA on the second day of its remand.

Sources said CBI’s Special Investigation Team (SIT) DIG Manish Kumar and two other officers grilled Pravat Biswal on his alleged monetary transactions with Seashore Group chief Prashant Dash and complicity of influential persons.

The CBI questioned Biswal on the alleged receipt of the huge amount from Seashore Group for the promotion of its business empire in his constituency, the sources added.