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Odisha mining scam a national shame : Yogendra Yadav


Reported by Chinmaya Dehury

Bhubaneswar, Feb 13:

Aam Admi Party’s national executive member and well-known psephologist Yogendra Yadav today slammed the Naveen Patnaik-led BJD government for its complicity in the Rs 60,000 crore mining scam. He even went to the extent of calling the chief minister a ‘Mauni Baba’.

“While the Shah Commission has clearly mentioned that the mining scam in Odisha was to the tune of  Rs 60,000 crore, the state government has admitted this by issuing notices to the miners for raising excess minerals. Not only the people of the state, but the entire country should consider it a great shame,” said Yadav addressing a rally at PMG square here.

Yogendra Yadav addressing rally
Yogendra Yadav addressing rally

He said Rs 60,000 crore could have been utilised for the development of about 55,000 villages in the state.

“ If you calculate, the government has looted at least Rs 1 crore from each village by allowing the mining mafia and their beneficiaries to swallow all the profits. This Rs 60,000 crore could have been used for the development of the villages. The chief minister is responsible for the scam,. No wonder he is sheltering the people involved in the scam,” said the national executive leader of AAP.

Yadav said the state leadership of AAP should choose an honest candidate to contest the ensuing elections against Naveen Patnaik, from wherever he chooses to stand in the ensuing general elections.

Drawing a parallel between prime minister Manmohan Singh and Naveen Patnaik, the AAP leader said both the leaders are Mauni Babas, who always close their eyes when they see corruption around them and even shelter the corrupt but continue to claim that they are squeaky clean and transparent.

AAP rally on Thursday
AAP rally on Thursday

Like Narendra Modi, Yadav also mocked at the chief minister for his inability to communicate in Odia despite ruling the state for 14 long years.

“It is a shame that your chief minister cannot speak Odia, the mother tongue of people in Odisha, the state he heads. I also feel ashamed of my inability to speak Odia when you people speak good Hindi, which is my mother tongue. I should learn Odia,” said Yadav.

He also made a reference to the people’s resistance movements in Odisha against the South Korean steel behemoth Posco, agitation of tribal people in Niyamgiri against Vedanta and the Save Gandhamardhan movement.

The AAP leader urged the party workers to reach out to people across the state and raise the issue of the mining scam since both the opposition BJP and Congress, who are themselves mired in corruption, do not have the guts to do so.


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