New Delhi, Dec 8:

The Delhi Police have arrested a 48-year-old man for killing his live-in partner and dumping her mutilated body in two airbags in separate drains to conceal his crime, police said on Thursday.


The accused was identified as Balram, a resident of Jhariyawad in Kendrapara district of Odisha, who was living with the deceased, identified as Anarkali, in a rented accommodation in Garhi village, the police said.

Balram, who worked as a plumber, was arrested on Wednesday evening by a police team from Astha Kunj Park following a tip off, a senior police officer said.

Anarkali, 43, hailed from Chennai and came to Delhi about 25 years ago. She had a tea shop near Sapna Cinema in East of Kailash area, the officer said.

“He (Balram) had been in a live-in relationship with Anarkali for eight years. He had gone to his native place Odisha three years ago and remained there with his family. He came back to Delhi two months ago and started living with Anarkali in her rented room,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Romil Baaniya said.

Balram told the police, he came to know that Anarkali had illicit relations with some other persons. On December 2 he got into a heated altercation with Anarkali over the issue and attacked her with a hammer on her head and back, Banniya said.

Balram later cut her body in two parts in order to dispose the body easily and threw it in two different drains to conceal her identity, he added.

Balram told his neighbours that Anarkali had gone to her village, the police said.

The incident came to light on Sunday when some locals who found the woman’s upper body (torso) in an airbag in a drain in Garhi village.

The lower part of her body was found dumped in a drain in Sri Niwas Puri area, the DCP said.

A DNA test later confirmed the two parts belonged to one woman, he said.

During investigation, a local beat constable noticed that a woman, Anarkali, who used to run a small tea shop in East of Kailash was missing and had not opened her shop for a couple of days.

The Police later located her residence in Garhi Village and identified the body of Anarkali with locals’ help, Baaniya said. (IANS)