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Odisha: Here’s how you can take care of skin, hair during Holi

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Bhubaneswar: It is that time of the year when we bathe in gulaal, celebrating the festival of colours. The fun, however, can turn into misery as chemicals present in those pretty colours and foams can easily lead to skin allergies, breakouts, and damaged hair. Given Odisha’s climate, our skin is sure to face trouble if no proper care is taken.

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According to Bhubaneswar-based dermatologist Dr Drrabinarayan Nanda, the best way to keep the skin safe while playing Holi, is to oil it well. “Oil acts as a shield and doesn’t allow small particles to get into the pores of your skin,” he said.

Makeup artist Subhashree Hati, suggests the same. “I prefer virgin coconut oil, which is easily available, and works for all skin types. It is important to moisturize the skin because when dry, colours can penetrate the skin easily,” she said.

Dab some oil behind your ears, earlobes and nails as these are the places where colours tend to settle easily, she added.

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Subhashree further said that a thick layer of sun protection cream/gel is a must to shield the skin from harmful UV rays. Speaking about hair care, she advised against applying oil or serum before going out. “It’ll settle down on your scalp and attract all colour particles. However, wash your hair properly and apply conditioner after you’re done playing,” she added.

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Once all the gala affair of colours is over, the real struggle begins. “A step-by-step method can help get rid of the stubborn colours. First, use makeup wipe to remove the colours. Then, massage your skin with some face oil. Clean your face with a face wash, followed by cleansing milk. Use toner to close the pores and moisturize with anything that suits you well,” she said.

“We must avoid rubbing the skin too much while removing the colours,” Dr Nanda said.

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These colours often lead to breakouts and allergies. “Rub ice cubes or apply aloe vera gel on your skin in case of rashes. Consult a doctor immediately if irritation persists,” Dr Nanda said.

Take special care to ensure that no colour enters sensitive parts like nose, eyes, ears and mouth, he added.