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Odisha govt issues guidelines for prevention of honour killing


Bhubaneswar: The Home Department of Odisha Government has issued guidelines/Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to top-level police officers and administrators for prevention of honour killing.

The department has asked SPs of all districts to identify sub-divisions and villages that are prone to honour killing and ensure that the officers in charge of the concerned police stations are extra cautious regarding any incidents of inter-caste and inter-religion marriage.

The set of guidelines said that information about any proposed gathering of Khap Panchayats received by any police officer shall immediately be shared with senior officers and SPs who shall take steps to prevent such gatherings/meetings by interacting with the members concerned. He should also take measures to deploy adequate police force in the area and direct the officer in charge of the area concerned to remain vigilant.

If such meetings take place despite the measures, SPs/DSPs will remain present at the spot and see that no such decision is taken which may cause any harm to the couple or their family members, it said.

Departmental action shall be taken against the concerned officers for deliberate negligence, misconduct and failure to observe the directions.

Trail of honour killing cases shall be undertaken by designated court on day to day basis and to be concluded preferably within six months from the date of taking cognizance of the offence, the guideline said.