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Odisha: Golak spoke to murder conspirator multiple times


Bhubaneswar: Startling revelation in the Call Detail Record (CDR) of Krushna Chandra Nayak-key conspirator in the brutal killing of BJD leader and Chhatrapur Councillor Laxmidutta Pradhan has opened a whole new can of worms for the BJP on its alleged role in the murder and in particular for Golak Mohapatra-the saffron party’s spokesperson and party in-charge for Ganjam district.

According to Nayak’s CDR sourced from police sources, a copy of which is in the possession of OST, Nayak, a key conspirator in the heinous murder was in contact with Mohapatra exactly a day before the killing, on the day of the murder and in constant touch after the crime till the night of October 22.

The CDR gives details of accused Nayak having made calls to Mohapatra’s mobile phone number 9437012930 from his mobile phone number 9692257010.

What is more interesting is Mohapatra using his mobile phone had called up Nayak and spoken to him on the very day of the brutal murder of Pradhan i.e. on September 16, 2017.

The CDR shows that BJP spokesperson Mohapatra had called up murder key conspirator Nayak from his mobile phone number 9437012930 at 6.09 pm.

Similarly, while Nayak had called Mohapatra’s mobile phone from Golanthra and Chhatrapur on the day before the murder, he had called up the latter from Cuttack on the day of the murder and its next day.

However, on September 30, accused Nayak shifted to Uttarakhand and changed his mobile phone number from 9692257010 to 7059035221.

The CDR shows Nayak during the period from September 30 till 10.43 pm on October 22 to have remained in constant touch with Mohapatra from Dehradun in Uttarakhand.

During the above period, Nayak has called Mohapatra from Uttarakhand on 19 occasions.

It is further interesting to note that while Mohapatra had been calling up Nayak till the murder, from September 30 till 10.45 pm on October 22 it was Nayak who had made all the calls to Mohapatra.

By this time police had already declared Nayak as ‘most wanted’ in connection with the BJD Councillor’s murder.

Earlier in the day, Mohapatra in a press conference at the BJP state headquarters here had refuted the allegations of having links with the two conspirators Nayak and Duryodhan Reddy arrested in connection with the murder.

Alleging that it was a conspiracy against him said that since he was the party’s in-charge of Ganjam district many people contact him over the phone and he is not familiar with all of them.

He had demanded that either the CBI or an Orissa High Court monitored committee should investigate the case.

While claiming that he was ready for any kind of probe, he questioned the propriety of the police in divulging the details of the hideouts of the accused and who had provided them with shelter.

Mohapatra had said that because of the rising popularity of the BJP in the State, the BJD was using the police to target him to divert public from supporting his party.

Notably, Ganjam SP Asish Singh on Saturday at a press conference had revealed that a special team of the police had arrested key conspirators in the BJD Councillor’s murder case-Nayak and Reddy from Dehradun.

The SP had also released a video clip to the media wherein Nayak has confessed to have remained in touch with Mohapatra who had asked them to go to Dehradun.