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Odisha girls amaze judges at DID Li’l Masters 6


Bhubaneswar: Clad in brightly-coloured attire with masks and makeup on, girls of Gautam Dance Studio from Odisha capital, set the stage of DID Li’L Master Season 6, on fire with their ‘Yakshagana’ performance yesterday.

Yakshagana, an amalgamation of dance, music and drama, is a traditional theatre form from Karnataka and Kerala.

Dancing to the beats of popular Bollywood song ‘Tattad tattad’ from the movie Ram Leela, these young girls impressed the judges and the guest, actress Rani Mukherjee. 

“It feels great to see Indian dance forms on stages like these. Our dance forms are unique and equally difficult, but you girls were brilliant,” she said.

Master Marzi replied to her comment saying Rani herself is a wonderful Odissi dancer. “This compliment coming from Rani, for you, is in itself the best appreciation ever,” he added.

Chitrangada Singh, mesmerized by the aggression, said it’s easier for boys to express the vigour. “You girls were terrific and it’s surprising to see all that strength come so easily to you,” she added.

Rani Mukherjee, pointing out the ‘Hichki’ in Chitrangada’s comment, said daughters are no less than sons (Hum betiyan beton se kam nahi hai).

Master Siddharth Anand made a subtle comment. “Keep surprising us,” he said. He also mentioned how effortlessly and amazingly they danced in water.

Last week these girls received similar accolades for their semi-classical dance. They have now reached Top 16.