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Odisha girl saves friend almost run over by goods train 


Talcher: Praises poured in for a school girl for showing extraordinary chivalry to save her friend who was almost run over by a goods train here in Odisha’s Angul district.

The nine-year-old Shrimati Bhadra, a class IV student of Ghantapada Nodal High School in Talcher set an example for others for such daring and swift action. Although her friend lost her right foot but survived.

The incident was reported on Dec 6 when Shrimati and her friend Pramila Munda (11), a class VI student, were returning to their homes from school. While they were crossing a railway track passing under a halted goods train, the train suddenly started moving and Pramila got stuck under it.

Applying presence of mind, Shrimati immediately pulled Pramila out and saved her life before any major mishap to take place. However, Pramila’s right foot was detached from her body in the incident.

Even as she was junior to Pramila, she managed to reach the home at Deramunda Basti walking around 500 metre, carrying her friend in a pool of blood on her little shoulders. Later, Pramila was admitted to the Mandapal Sub-divisional Hospital from where she was referred to the SCB Medical College & Hospital in Cuttack for treatment. She underwent a surgery yesterday but lost her right leg.

According to reports, Shrimati and Pramila are two close friends despite their age and class differences.

“The train started moving and hit my friend while we were trying to cross the railway track. She fell and got stuck under the train wheels. She cried for help. Without thinking anything, I put my school bag aside and pulled her out from the track. I carried her home and told everyone about the incident. Her family members rusher her to the hospital for treatment,” said Shrimati.

The locals and school teachers lauded the girl for saving her friend.

“Kudos to the little girl, who saved another student, who was senior to her. She managed to pull her friend out from the train wheels and carried her on her shoulders to the slum,” said Khirod Sahoo, a social activist in Talcher.

“It is a sad incident for all of us. The victim is a bright student. The two friends were habituated with crossing the railway line. The class VI student Pramila’s leg was detached in the incident. But, Shrimati managed to save her friend’s life. The next day when Shrimati narrated the incident, we immediately extended assistance to Pramila sending a representative on behalf of the school,” said teacher Sagarika Hajra, Ghantapada Nodal High School.