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Odisha girl recounts ‘past-life’, recognizes parents of previous birth


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Malkangiri, Oct 30:

Stories of reincarnation—the idea that old souls are reborn into new bodies is galore in Hindu and Buddhist literature while rationalists have time and again discarded such stories as sheer rubbish, a 12-year-old girl Nilima of MV-75 near Manyakonda village under Kalimela block in Odisha’s remote Malkangiri district, believe it or not is recounting vivid memories of her past life and has as well recognized her “past-life parents”.


Nilima Sarkar, born to Bhabranjan Sarkar and Sumitra Sarkar of MV-75 village is able to narrate experiences of her past life. According to her, she was born to Khokan Sil and Rani Sil as Mamata in MV-10 village, 50 km away from her present place of birth.

The 12-year old girl claims that she had died 30 years back in 1985 after falling into a well. She claims after 18 years of her death she has been born to her present-life parents –Bhabranjan Sarkar and Sumitra Sarkar– in 2003.

After two and half years of her birth, Nilima could narrate instances of her past life. She could tell that she was born in her past life in MV-10 village and could also tell about her “past-life parents”.

nilima past life

Following which her “present-life” father took her to MV-10 village. She could recognize her “past-life parents” and identify the well where she had died after falling into it in her “past-life”. On the other hand, her “past-life parents” were overwhelmed with joy on meeting their deceased lovely daughter after so many years of her accidental death.

Nilima, is now 12 years old and can also recognize her friends of her “past-life” who love her and recount tales of shared memories of her “past-life”.

The 12-year-old often visits her parents of “past-life” in MV-10 village and her “past-life parents” also visit her at her “present-life” home in MV-75.

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